Review by Tolita

There might have been a depressing absence of sunny skies so far this Spring and Summer in North-Western Europe. Don't despair! You can trust Brazilian songstress, Jandira Silva to bring some much needed sunlight and sparkle from her native Rio, sonically at least on her labour of love release ‘Festa De Um Sonho Bom (Good Sound Party)’.

Blending covers and originals sung both in Portuguese and English, Silva hardly puts a foot wrong on this feel good debut. Album opener ‘Idas E Idas’ is a jubilant harbinger of what is to come. ‘Festa...’ is replete with all the melodic and harmonic complexities we’ve come to take for granted from South America’s largest land mass. But it’s to our own detriment if we do. The title track, co-written by Jandira is a prime example of the enduring appeal of Samba/Jazz derivatives. The characteristic ever-shifting chord progressions will give the connoisseurs out there something to mull over. Those of us with a more rudimentary appreciation of the soundscape are drawn in by the sheer, albeit short, pleasure of it all. The beguiling insouciance of the ‘Dah, Dah, Dah’ refrain on Silva’s sublime interpretation of Hugo Fattoruso’s ‘Hurry’ belies how tricky it is to sing without sliding off the notes. It’s an apt showcase for Jandira’s warm, bucolic contralto. Anglophone jazz standard ‘Till There Was You’ finds a slightly corny, up-tempo rendering here that is at odds with the otherwise sophisticated fare. Silva is clearly having fun with Bill Withers ‘Use Me’. Sung with a customary smile, she means every single downtrodden word of it.

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